Circassian translator demo

This is a demo of a translator to the Circassian language. Translations can be incorrect. Learn more


  • Мы живем на родине
  • Дети играют во дворе
  • Луна вращается вокруг Земли
  • We live in a big house
  • Bugün güzel bir gün
  • Tu es une bonne personne.
  • أين تعيش؟
  • Πού ζεις;
  • איפה אתה גר?
  • – Если я его отпущу, то ты вовек не сможешь его поймать, – заявил Сосруко.
  • Как только старик ушел, Сатаней пошла к Саусырыко.
  • 我永远不会放弃你。
  • 우리는 소치에 살고 있습니다.
  • あなたの名前は何ですか?
  • Zij zijn goede mensen.
  • آنها افراد خوبی هستند
  • El cielo es azul.
  • Eu gosto de aprender línguas!
  • Das Leben ist schön.
  • Il mondo è un libro, e chi non viaggia legge solo una pagina


What is this?

This is a demo of a machine learning-powered Russian-Circassian translator. It's a proof of concept that aims to invite contributions for development.

Translations are wrong!

This is the first version of the model trained on only ~44 thousand sentence pairs. As the amount of training data increases, the accuracy of translations will only increase. To improve it, you can help by contributing data.

Why is it only for Kabardian dialect?

We started with Russian-Kabardian pairs due to data availability. With more data, we can easily extend it to other Circassian dialects. Learn how to help.

Technical details

This demo utilizes a version of the facebook/m2m100_418M model that's been fine-tuned on Russian-Kabardian translation pairs. It was trained on the ru-kbd dataset comprising ~44K sentence pairs. It achieved a BLEU score of 22.389 for its translation accuracy. More details are available at the following links: Base Model, Fine-tuned Model, and Related Paper.

How can I help?

More (good) data leads to better translations. You can help by contributing text in Circassian, scanning books, or helping with OCR. If you're interested in contributing, join our Discord or validate translations.